What’s new?
We have redesigned our curriculum tailored around “Circuit Training Format”!

What is Circuit Training:
Circuit Training divides players into specific groups for specific periods of time. Each group will perform exercises focusing on improving the following:

Ball Mastery - Focus on footwork exercises to maximize repetition; Incorporating juggling, ball-work, speed, agility and circuit training to enhance the player’s first touch, athleticism, and overall skill level.

Passing & Receiving - Master the key elements of any pass (both short and long): receiving a ball on the ground and in the air.

Dribbling & 1v1 Moves - Build confidence to take on opponents one-v-one using ball mastery techniques.

Striking - Perfect the two basic shot selections: power and placement.

Spring Session 2019

Redwood City

939 Valota Rd, Redwood City , CA


Cost for 8 sessions:

$120.00 USD for Juventus players
- $160.00 USD for non-Juventus players