Our Club

Juventus SC

Juventus provides opportunities to all players and teams at multiple levels of competition. Our Philosophy is rooted by our 3 Pillars: Develop the Person, Develop the Player, and Develop the Coach.

Develop the Person: We will always strive to look at the bigger picture and create young people who have characteristics and traits to succeed away from the soccer field. We will create a pathway and future for our players to be successful in all walks of life. Ultimately we are creating a better future for our community!

Develop the Player: We will always put the player first and develop them in the 4 key components of the game (Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological). We will provide opportunities for all players to grow on the field. Focus on improvement, and judge good performances irrespective of the actual match result

Develop the Coach: Juventus Coaches will be Enthusiastic and bring their own intensity and passion to a training session.

Coaches will attempt to not solve the problems for the players but rather educate them on what they should do and help players come to the solution. IN NO WAY should the coach stand and watch the session and not be engaged in the session. Coaches will strive to be role models for the players, selfless leaders who look to set up the next generation for success.

The Club places a significant emphasis on continuing education of our coaching staff to properly develop our soccer players into well-balanced soccer athletes. If you would like to join our coaching staff, please contact the Technical Directors of Coaching or write to gm@juventus-sc.org.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide the highest development system by building self-confidence for our athletes to excel on the field, in the classroom, and as a member of the community. Furthermore, JSC is committed to using soccer as a vehicle to provide youth with multiple pathways to be successful in life