Referee Coordinator / USSF Assignor

Darrell Ringman
Contact information listed below.

Director of Referee Education

Kurt Swanson

Juventus Referee Assignment

Juventus and many area clubs use the PENSRA referee assignment system for both league games & tournaments.  Register & request games through this system.

PENSRA is a powerful and easy to use system that provides for the ability to SELF-ASSIGN your matches for matches you are rated for.  You can manually request others.  Juventus offers thousands of assignments each year and referees are expected to be independent and highly reliable.  No show, no call situations are dealt with harsh consequences.

Beginning February, 2018, Juventus, like many Clubs in the area have and others that plan to, moved to electronic payments for league and tournament assignments.  Currently, Juventus uses PayPal to remit payment.  You will need to update your Pensra account with a valid PayPal address in order for the money to be sent to you.  You will also need to provide a valid Tax ID number in Pensra.  There are currently no fees to set-up a PayPal account or to receive the payment.

Juventus pays referees twice monthly, first for the 1st-15th and second for the 16th-last day of the month. The Juventus treasurer will be authorized to make payments within a couple of days of the payroll period, assuming all referees have submitted their match reports.  The payments are virtually instant, once processed.

To get games, be sure to keep your profile updated with a correct and accurate e-mail address, then, mark your profile with the Juventus ‘availability’ check-box.  This way you will get my messages.  Make sure your rating is up to date and accurate and contact me at non-event times to request a rating change.  Leverage self assign as often as you possibly can.  Read the PENSRA failure codes to determine why you can’t self assign.

Games are released for self assign at different times for leagues than for tournaments.

Darrell’s Top 10 Advisories…

1.) Do no dump assignments back in my lap; when you’re contacting me because you cannot make a match, be responsible and have a back-up identified – I need to be in the loop and make adjustments in Pensra
2.) While the CR typically provides flags, all officials should have all equipment necessary to carry out the match, including ARs*!
3.) Arrival time is a MINIMUM of 15 minutes prior to kick-off, you need this time for a pre-game conference, check-in and field inspection
4.) Red cards must be reported promptly, each league has it’s own requirements – do NOT delay!
5.) Referees who are awarded matches with conditions to complete training, etc. MUST follow-through and fulfill the conditions before working the match!
6.) There are multiple ways to reach me; use Pensra SiteMail for issues which are not time sensitive, e-mail for important issues, SMS messaging for urgent issues and CALL ME if something critical comes up.
7.) Be responsive. If you don’t reply to me, I will stop using you for assignments.
8.) Do not have others represent you – all officials must be responsible and keep in touch with me, just like a real job!
9.) Do NOT sit on unaccepted assignments, accept them promptly!
10.) SHOW-UP for your assignments – no show/no call situations will be treated harshly.

While I appreciate all officials specific and unique needs and circumstances, please resist the temptation to contact me until after you have consumed all the terrific resources on this page, in PENSRA’s FAQs and on

Referee Classes

Juventus offers free entry-level classes for Juventus players/families.  Please refer to the Cal North Referee Association website at (see links below) for detailed information about becoming a referee.

Hello Juventus Players and parents!

CalNorth Referee Association and the USSF have launched a new referee and referee renewal process. See links below.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kurt Swanson
Director of Referee Education

Referee Equipment

Referees are expected to coordinate their colors; as a crew, they too should be ‘uniform’.  Referees should bring back-up kits to ensure they match.  Referees should be able to reliably wear yellow, red, blue, green or black.  Visible undergarments should match the color of the item covering them.  Referees are encouraged to reach out to each other in advance to ensure each match is properly presided over.

Referee systems

All official USSF 11v11 matches must have a three-referee crew.   A ‘Club linesman’ is allowed, with limited responsibilities, to cover for an assistant referee in the event of an absence.  U.S. Soccer reiterated in Spring of 2016 that the two-referee system should not be used.  Although 9v9 matches are allowed to have single-referee assignments per some League rules, Juventus continues to assign three referees to these matches.

4v4 1 CR
7v7 1 CR
9v9 1 CR, 2 AR
11v11 1 CR, 2 AR

Referee systems

League pay rates effective 3/9/2019

Age CR AR Format
U19 $55.00 $45.00 11v11
U18 $55.00 $45.00 11v11
U17 $55.00 $45.00 11v11
U16 $50.00 $40.00 11v11
U15 $50.00 $40.00 11v11
U14 $45.00 $35.00 11v11-CYSA
U14 $50.00 $40.00 11v11
U13 $45.00 $35.00 11v11
U12 $40.00 $30.00 9v9
U11 $40.00 $30.00 9v9
U10 $40.00 Solo CR 7v7
U09 $40.00 Solo CR 7v7
U08 $40.00 Solo CR 7v7

* Pay rates for tournaments are different and can vary

Note that CYSA & NorCal match lengths can vary.  At the moment, there are now different lengths for U14 games (effective 2016):

- NorCal League & Cup U14’s – 40 min halves
- CYSA Fall League U14s – 35 min halves

League Rules

Juventus League Rules Summary for Referees and Teams (updated September, 2019)

PENSRA league rules summaries

Important Links

Cal North Referee Administration (CNRA)

CYSA District 2 Referee Administration

License Information

You cannot referee games without a current license.  The LATEST process (effective, September, '19) for new and renewing referees can be found at: (new) (renewals)

Please refer to US Soccer's Referee Learning Center for detailed information about becoming a referee at .  For questions, contact the appropriate representatives on the CNRA website.

Darrell Ringman
Juventus Referee Coordinator
e-mail: Use for non-assignment inquiries
e-mail: Use Pensra Site Mail for all group and individual assignment inquiries (Pensra–>Services–>Mail–>Compose)

Important – e-mail or site-mail
Urgenttext 650-575-1881
Critical – call 650-575-1881